April 2012

18. Unorthodox by Deborah Feldman - For work book club. The autobiography is about a woman who grows up in, then leaves, the hasidic jewish community in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I had so many thoughts and opinions about the book that it’s probably best to say them in the book club forum. If you’re looking for a book to start a conversation, Unorthodox is a great one. OH! Almost forgot! I read Unorthodox via a friend’s ipad. So weird…

19. Wild by Cheryl Strayed - Are you a human being? Are you a human being with thoughts and/or feelings? Yeah well, you should probably read Dear Sugar. Then you should probably read Wild because Chery Strayed is hero status all over the place. Wild¬†is about her journey hiking the Pacific Coast Trail and even though I have no interest in doing that whatsoever, she still made me believe that I can do whatever the hell I want in life. So that’s pretty great.

20. A Moveable Feast by Earnest Hemingway - This month I put the finishing touches on a trip to Paris this summer! So you know, obviously this had to happen. My friends may not be Scott Fitzgerald or Gertrude Stein (because they’re dead, otherwise I know we’d be tight) but I know they will be spectacular company in the city of light. Seriously can’t wait!

21. The Magician’s Assistant by Ann Patchett - Ann Patchett writes some of the best “now you’re hooked” books. If you need something for a short trip or plane ride, she’s your girl. The Magician’s Assistant definitely fit the profile because it had magic, family secrets, drama, and even with all that a sense that the story could actually happen. You don’t find that very often.

22. Heft by Liz Moore - Any hype Heft gets is so completely deserved. As I was reading it I kept thinking “Yes! This is my kind of book!” I’m not sure I could do the story justice by trying to summarize it here, but I will tell you that on the surface the book seems lonely or about the idea of loneliness. It is not that, though. It is a story of hope and finding connection. It was even a two day read for me, if that means anything about its abilities to capture an audience. I definitely look forward to whatever Moore writes next.¬†

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